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Essential intelligence for serialized asset tracking

Tracking items by serial number as they move through the supply chain is a top priority in pharma and several other industries. Essential to any successful track and trace solution is the ability to capture and process huge volumes of data generated by item-level serialization, without creating bottlenecks.

That’s where we come in. Only ROC IT Solutions lets you capture and process data at the “edges” of your supply chain, where material handling takes place.

Our solutions support any kind of RFID tag, barcode label or wireless device, and enable enhanced decision-making at the point of materials handling as product moves from manufacturer, through distributors and retailers, and finally to consumers.

Our unique product architecture is highly scalable and easily integrated with your ERP, e-pedigree, autoID and other supply chain applications – as proven by some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

Check out a few of our many client stories.

ROC IT for Track and Trace

“Intelligent edge data capture” enables you to track and trace individual items through the supply chain. Protect patient safety and your revenues. Reduce costs, combat diversion and counterfeiting, simplify recalls, and achieve GS1 compliance. »

ROC IT for Shipment Accuracy

“Intelligent edge data capture” enables you to track RFID-tagged or bar-coded goods through the distribution center and flag any deviation from plan. Prevent errors before they happen. Achieve 100% distribution accuracy. »

Other ROC IT solutions

We develop innovative solutions using our powerful, proven architecture for distributed software applications and years of supply chain expertise. »